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Ongoing Work

Tulane's Water Infrastructure and Architecture Studio
Tulane’s Water Infrastructure and Architecture Studio

student work: Christian Ardeneaux Spring 2015 – At Tulane’s School of Architecture, Professor John Klingman led a Dutch Dialogues design studio that focused on the relationship between water infrastructure and architecture. Its locus is a site of primary civic importance, centered on Duncan Plaza. In conjunction with …


Tulane's Riverbend Studio
Tulane’s Riverbend Studio

Professor John Klingman continued his Dutch Dialogue studio series at the Tulane School of Architecture in the fall of 2013, focusing on the design of the new pumping station carrying excess storm runoff from the Riverbend into the river. The new structure needs to relate both to the proposed canal and the proposed linea…

Dutch Dialogue 3


Click the first thumbnail image below to begin a slideshow about the context in which the Dutch Dialogues were formulated. …

Past Dialogues

Dutch Dialogue 2
Dutch Dialogue 2

The Dialogues Process Dutch Dialogues II was held on October 10-13, 2008, and built upon groundwork laid during a preliminary workshop held in March 2008.  Dutch experts came to New Orleans, got a crash course on the New Orleans political and planning landscape, and then went [...]…


USGBC+ Article on Dutch Dialogues
USGBC+ Article on Dutch Dialogues

The Dutch Dialogues design process is featured in USGBC+ online. This article, entitled “Dutch Dialogues,” gives an overview of Dutch Dialogues and examines its critical role in starting new conversations regarding water management approach. …